Vera Keves & CO offers a unique Czech and Slovak SEO keyword localisation service which combines translation with search engine optimisation to provide accurate website translations and SEO-friendly content.

Everybody prefers to be approached in their native language

Even though many Czechs and Slovaks are multilingual, they are proud of their culture, history and language.  They are more likely to buy a product or use your services if the information is available in their own language. If customers have to work to translate your message, you’ve lost them.

In the same way, we realise the importance of localisation and the necessity to get your products tailored to the specific needs of local consumers. Communicating in your target market’s everyday language is key to achieving commercial success.

Adjusting the content of your website will not only help it rank on search engines in the new country but it is also far more likely to convert your visitors into customers.

Czech and Slovak SEO and keyword localisation

If you have a website, you want it to rank highly in the search engines. Simply translating its content into the Czech or Slovak language will not guarantee it a place in the local search engines of your target market.

In order to successfully compete in Czech and Slovak-speaking markets, we can assist you in optimising your websites for local search engines and base keywords used for on-page SEO on terms that customers are likely to be using to search for products and services within that region, rather than literal translations of terms in the source language.

As we are a small team, it is very easy to contact us directly anytime you wish to speak with us or request an update. We believe continuity and good communication is the key to achieving the best result.