• Professional Czech and Slovak interpreting services provided by fully qualified DBS and security-vetted interpreters.
  • With over 10 years of experience working as interpreters and translators, we can help you and your organisation to communicate with Czech and Slovak language speakers across a wide range of situations.
  • As members of the National Register of Public Services Interpreters (NRPSI) we are duty-bound to closely follow their code of conduct.
  • Our flexibility, individual approach and continuity are highly valued by our customers.

As we are a small team, it is very easy to contact us directly anytime you want to speak with us or request an update. We believe continuity and good communication are key to achieving the best result.

Types of Czech and Slovak interpreting services we provide

We offer both simultaneous and consecutive interpreting. The choice often depends on the circumstances and your preference. We are always happy to adjust our services to your needs.

Interpreting is the facilitating of verbal and non-verbal communication between users of different languages via either:

Simultaneous interpreting (whispered interpreting)
A type of translation done in real time. The interpreter relays the meaning of what is being said into the target language while simultaneously listening and processing the next sentence.

Consecutive interpreting
During consecutive interpreting, the speaker usually pauses after every paragraph so the interpreter listening to the section of the speech and taking notes can translate what was said into the target language.

Sight translation
During this type of interpreting the interpreter must orally render a source-language document to the target language.

Interpreters are also bound by a professional code of conduct and perhaps one of the most important principles is to maintain confidentiality.